Vancity Virtual Potluck: Vegan Beer Chow Mein & Tofu

This is an update of an old post because I went to re-shoot the photos of this dish for the never-coming cookbook I’m working on (joking!) and I was so embarrassed by the old post that I felt like it deserved a do-over.

Plus what better reason than for the Vancity Virtual Potluck? It’s a digital feast with over 30 of my fellow Vancouver food bloggers, which means that once you’re done here you can click on to the next recipe. Or you can click to see the full menu here.  It’s been so fun finding new local bloggers here in the city!

This potluck is one of the many reasons I’ve been neglecting this blog, although at this point I’m even neglecting it to watch Ultimate Beastmaster on Netflix.

I love this dish, it’s so filling, gluttonous, and you have an excuse to drink beer while you cook! I actually hadn’t made it in a while and tweaked the recipe to make the tofu crunchier. You can use spaghetti for this recipe but some authentic Shanxi noodles are really where it’s at. Next time I’d definitely load it with even more veggies!

Get the full recipe for Vegan Beer Chow Mein & Tofu Here.

Vegan Beer Chow Mein & Tofu

Check out some more amazing dishes from Vancouver’s talented bloggers by continuing on the virtual potluck!

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